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Pearson Consultancy Ltd offers bespoke outsourced HR Services tailored to your Company's individual requirements, whether these be strategically planned or reactive to the situation you find yourself in. We believe that HR should work in partnership with the business to find solutions that benefit both employers and employees.


Pearson Consultancy was founded in 2012, but is powered by over 18 years of HR knowledge and CIPD accredited expertise. With this knowledge we are able to recommend best practice solutions to your business that have been tried and tested first hand. Whether your requirements are for HR set up, ad hoc advice, or change management within your organisation - Pearson Consultancy will bring both experience and up-to-date legislative knowledge to service those requirements.


Pearson Consultancy will tailor the services we offer to the individual needs and culture of your Company. Working with you, we will identify the need and provide solutions.



1) HR Set-Up Package


We will create a bespoke suite of policies and HR templates tailored to your Company, looking at size, sector and culture…


The package will include:



1) Start-up HR policies and procedures - including, but not limited to:


a) Employee Handbook

b) Code of Conduct

c) Disciplinary & Grievance

d) Absence Management

e) Internet & Social Media



2) HR Contractual templates - including, but not limited to:


a) Offer Letters

b) Employment Contracts

c) Induction Checklist

d) Reference Requests

e) Contractual Variations



3) Four hours of HR Consultancy to use as required.



This service is designed for a new Company, or a growth Company, with no in-house HR and covers everything that you will need to establish a HR function for your business.


Alternatively, if you do have an established HR function already set up, but would simply like a review to ensure that you are up to date with current legislation, this package can be adapted to suit your requirements. We will carry out a full gap analysis, ensuring that you are aligned to current legislation, and provide recommendations for best practice.


2) HR Consultancy


By the pure nature of Employee Relations, we can’t always plan for the timing of situations. We can have the policies and procedures in place to protect both the Company and the employees should any issue arise, but the issue itself can arise when you least expect it. This is where Pearson Consultancy can step in to help you manage these unexpected situations…


Maybe you simply need reassurance that you are acting in the right way, or it could be that an employment issue is more complex than you originally thought - we can support you through these difficult times and give you the advice that you need.


The Consultancy services that we offer include:



a) Day to day advice

b) Performance Management

c) Investigations

d) Attending difficult meetings

e) Absence Management

f) Employee relations

g) Leadership management

h) Recruitment

i) HR systems



Whether you are after a quick answer over the phone, or you have an on-going issue that requires HR presence, choose the option that suits your requirements;


Option 1 – Retained HR Consultancy package - Unlimited expert HR Consultancy.


Option 2 – ‘Pay-as-you-go’ HR Consultancy - Pay an hourly rate as and when you need the services. Or pay for a block number of hours in advance, at a discounted rate.


3) HR Change Management


Your HR Calendar should be strategically planned and aligned to both the business objectives and the HR budget, providing your HR strategy for the year(s) ahead. It is inevitable that some plans will change, but it is good to have the strategy and the direction in place.


Your HR strategy will include your HR cycle – which could consist of salary review processes, training and development, maybe benchmarking and career planning. The strategy might also include a restructure, or a system implementation, or any other substantial change. If that is the case, and you are looking for someone to manage the process, Pearson Consultancy can manage the project from start to finish ensuring a smooth process for all…



We can support you in:


a) Company Restructure and Redundancy programmes

b) TUPE process

c) HR System implementation

d) Interviews

e) Absence Management



Dependent upon the scope of the project, we can either work on an hourly rate basis, or agree a fee in advance – allowing you to budget accordingly.